Are Disability Benefits Available Even to Younger Workers?

Disability can happen at any time, and even young people can be struck by a serious illness or injury that prevents them from working. If you are affected by a disabling condition, you need to talk with a Los Angeles Social Security disability lawyer to find out what your options are to obtain disability benefits that can provide you with income to support yourself and your family. 

Can Younger Workers Get Disability?

The Social Security Disability benefits program can provide benefits to any workers who have a qualifying long-term disabling condition. However, whether young people can get benefits or not depends not only on whether they meet the SSA’s strict definition of disabled but also on whether they meet the other criteria required for disability benefits programs. 

For example, Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits are available to you only if you have earned a set number of work credits. The number of credits that you must have earned will vary depending upon your age, so younger workers who become disabled can still qualify even if they do not have as many years of work experience as older workers. However, they do need to have earned at least some work credits to get benefits. 

If SSDI is not available to a young disabled worker because that worker has too few work credits, Supplemental Security Income (SSI) may potentially be available. However, this is a means-tested benefit so young people whose household income is too high or who own too many assets won’t qualify for these benefits.

A Los Angeles disability benefits lawyer can help younger workers to determine if they can receive benefits and can provide assistance with the benefits application process. Call today to find out more about the assistance an attorney can offer.