Are Disability Benefits Available for the Self-Employed?

If you are self-employed and you suffer a disabling injury or get badly sick, you may be unable to continue to work. If your illness or injury is a long-term condition that will be stop you from working for more than a year or if it is a serious condition that will result in your death, you could potentially be eligible for Social Security Disability (SSD). 

A Los Angles disability lawyer can help you to understand what the rules are for self-employed people who become disabled and want to obtain SSD benefits. Your attorney will also assist you with the process of applying for benefits so you can maximize the chances that your claim will be successful and you will get the income you need. 

When Can You Get Disability Benefits When You Are Self-Employed?

There are two different programs that provide disability benefits from the Social Security Administration. Supplemental Security Income is means-tested, and you can get benefits through SSI if you have limited income, few assets, cannot work due to your disability, and meet the Social Security Administration’s definition of disabled.  The other program, Social Security Disability Insurance, isn’t means tested and you can get benefits through it if you meet the definition of disabled, cannot work, and have earned sufficient work credits by paying into the system.

If you are self-employed, you have to pay taxes to the Social Security Administration which support the SSD system. This means you will earn work credits that should make you eligible for benefits. The specific number of credits you need varies based on age, so talk with a Los Angeles disability benefits lawyer as soon as you become disabled to find out if you can qualify for SSD due to what you paid in as a self-employed worker.