Can I Get SSD Benefits for Pregnancy Complications?

If you are experiencing complications associated with pregnancy, you may be disabled and unable to work as a result of your condition.  Because you cannot work and earn income, you should consider your options for receiving disability income.  

Social Security Disability (SSD) provides benefits to people who have long-term disabling medical conditions. As a result, most complications from pregnancy do not allow you to qualify for either Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits or for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits. Both of these programs administered by the Social Security Administration require that you have a medical condition that is expected to be fatal or that has or will last for a period of at least one year. The pregnancy complications you experience ideally should resolve long before a year has passed. 

For some women, however, pregnancy can lead to lasting disability. If pregnancy causes you to suffer a stroke or to experience other complications that have a permanent impact on your health, you may then become eligible for either SSI or SSDI benefits depending upon your family income and your work history.

You would need to determine if the medical condition that you have developed is listed in the Social Security Disability blue book and if you have the associated symptoms that need to accompany that particular medical problem.  If your condition is listed and you can prove that your pregnancy complications have led to a long-term impairing covered disability, you should begin receiving income. If your condition is not listed but precludes you from working, you should be able to recover benefits if you can prove you are significantly impaired. 

A Social Security Disability lawyer can help you to understand when pregnancy complications may qualify you for benefits, and can assist you in proving your eligibility to the Social Security Administration.  Call an attorney as soon as possible when you believe you have a long-term disability that will prevent you from working.