Can you Qualify for Social Security Disability with a Musculoskeletal Disorder?

There are many types of disabling conditions that could potentially make you eligible for Social Security Disability benefits. A Los Angeles disability benefits lawyer can help you to determine whether your medical issues should make you eligible for benefits or not. 

One common type of disorder that can sometimes make you qualified for benefits is a musculoskeletal disorder. Not everyone with a musculoskeletal disorder will be able to get benefits, but many people can. It’s important to understand the requirements to qualify for disability on the basis of your disorder.

Can Musculoskeletal Disorders Help You Qualify for Disability Benefits? 

The Social Security Administration has a “blue book” or list of impairments and if your condition is listed within the blue book, this increases the chances you can get benefits. You’ll have to be able to prove you have the listed condition, along with any symptoms required. 

Part A of the blue book lists all adult disorders, and section 1.00 of Part A of the blue book is the part of the blue book that defines the types of musculoskeletal disorders that the Social Security Administration generally believes are severe enough to get covered. 

Within section 1.00, the Social Security Administration defines different levels of impairment into different categories, along with providing details on musculoskeletal problems that can often result in benefits.

For example, major dysfunction of a joint or reconstructive surgery of a major weight-bearing joint are among the musculoskeletal disorders covered in the blue book. If you have these conditions and have associated listed symptoms, you should be able to get benefits. 

A Los Angeles disability benefits lawyer can provide help understanding if your condition is in the blue book and taking action so contact an attorney for help as soon as you are diagnosed with a musculoskeletal disorder or other disabling condition.