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How Do You File for Social Security Disability Benefits?

Millions of people across the U.S. suffer from long term or permanent disabilities that render them unable to retain gainful employment. This added financial pressure usually comes on top of medical bills incurred due to seeking and receiving much-needed health care. Social Security disability provides critical benefits to those in need. Should you find yourself in a position where you are in need of these benefits, apply as soon as possible. Wait times and application processing times mean there will be some delay in receiving benefit payments. Understanding the application process for Social Security disability benefits will help you navigate the process and help get you access to your benefits with minimal delay.

How Do You File for Social Security Disability Benefits?

Before you apply for Social Security disability benefits, you should work on gathering all necessary information and documentation. The Social Security Administration (SSA) will require fairly extensive information regarding things like your financial situation and your disability. You will need to provide your Social Security Number as well as that of your spouse and children. You will also need your W-2 information from past years. If you were in the military, you will also need to provide your discharge papers for each round of active duty.

You should also work on gathering information regarding your medical sources, especially those relating to your disability. The SSA will be able to obtain medical records on your behalf. Already having the records available to the SSA can help expedite the claims process. In addition to this information, you will need to complete a Social Security Disability report form. This form will require you to disclose information such as the names and contact information for your treating physicians. You will also need to provide your dates of treatment. The form will also require disclosing any medication you may currently be taking. You will also need to list the names of the doctors who prescribed you these medications.

You can apply for Social Security disability online. In the alternative, you may call the SSA. An SSA representative will then schedule an appointment for you to have your application taken over the telephone or at any Social Security office of convenience. It generally takes the SSA from 3 to 4 months to process a disability benefits claim. If your claim is approved, you will receive an approval letter. Your approval letter will also inform you of how much you will be receiving in monthly benefits. If you are entitled to any back pay, the approval letter will also address how much back pay you will be receiving. Should your disability benefits claim be denied, you will have opportunities available to you to appeal the denial should you choose to dispute the decision.

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The Social Security disability program provides critical benefits to many Americans. Should you be in need of these benefits, the Disability Advocates Group is here to help you access them. For any of your Social Security disability questions, we have answers for you. Contact us today.