How Do You Know If You Qualify for Social Security Disability?

Social Security Disability benefits provide a safety net for people who are too disabled to be able to work. Disability benefits from the Social Security Administration can provide you with monthly income — but only if you are able to qualify.

Determining if you can qualify for benefits can be a challenge, but a Los Angeles disability benefits lawyer can help. You should reach out to an attorney as soon as you think you may be eligible for benefits so you can get the assistance you need to apply and prove your claim. 

How to Determine if You Qualify for Social Security Disability

To determine if you can qualify for Social Security Disability benefits, it’s important to consider all the criteria to become eligible. For example, to be eligible for SSD benefits:

  • You need a long-term disabling condition that has lasted a year, that will last that long, or that will be fatal. 
  • You need to be unable to work because of your condition. You can’t be engaged in substantial gainful activity, and your condition must prevent you from doing any job for which you’re qualified. 
  • You need to have met requirements for earning work credits to apply for Social Security Disability Insurance, or you need to have limited income and financial resources to qualify for Supplemental Security Income (SSI). 

You also need to meet very specific criteria regarding the type of condition you have and the associated symptoms. A Los Angeles disability benefits lawyer will help you to evaluate whether your current medical condition is sufficient to qualify you for benefits.

If you should be able to qualify, your lawyer will help you to prove it so you can maximize the chances of getting benefits.