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What Type of Questions Will Be Asked at Your Disability Interview?

When faced with a disabling condition, a person can easily and quickly feel financial pressure. The inability to maintain gainful employment while bills pile up can feel like entering a bottomless pit. An employer may offer short-term or long-term disability benefits, but this can often not be enough. Thankfully, the Social Security Administration offers disability benefits to qualifying individuals. A person is able to apply for these benefits either by mail, online, in person, or even over the phone. You may also want to file your application using a combination of these methods. Once you apply, however, you will be scheduled for a disability interview appointment. For your appointment, your interview will either be conducted via the phone or an in-person visit to your local Social Security Administration office. You must keep that appointment and should prepare for your interview accordingly. To help you prepare, we will go through some of the questions that are likely to be asked.

What Type of Questions Will Be Asked at Your Disability Interview?

There are a number of questions you can likely expect to be asked at your interview. The disability interview is another layer of information gathering in order for the SSA to process your claim. You can, of course, expect many questions regarding your condition and your medical status. For instance, you may be asked:

  • When did your condition become disabling?
  • What is the contact information for your doctors?
  • What are the dates of the visits to your doctors?
  • What are the names of medications that you are currently taking?
  • What medical tests have you undergone?

It is also a good idea to bring your medical records and other relevant documentation to your in person interview as your interviewer may wish to review them.

You will also likely be asked about your job history. The interviewer may ask the dates you last work. He or she may also ask for your employment history for the past 15 years. Your employment history should include job titles held, as well as the type of business and the hours and days you worked. Information regarding your amount and frequency of payment may also be requested.

While a disability benefits interview is likely to involve questions regarding your finances, this can be especially true if you are applying for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) disability benefits. This is due to the fact that SSI benefits are intended for individuals with low income who may not have paid enough Social Security taxes in order to be covered. Questions about your financial situation may include:

  • Who currently lives with you?
  • What are the household expenses?
  • What is your current living arrangement?
  • What are your sources of income?
  • If you are married, what are your spouse’s sources of income?
  • What are your bank account balances?
  • Do you own any vehicles?
  • Do you have any other investments?

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