Oakland, California, is a heavily populated city with a rich history. The Port of Oakland is the busiest port on the San Francisco Bay, and much of its economy is centered around the port itself, including its shipyards, automobile manufacturing, and technological companies. Located in the San Francisco Bay’s eastern region, Oakland has a unique landscape with some of the city resting on “the hills” and most of the city located on flatlands.

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Do You Live in Oakland and Have a Disability?

Thousands of Oakland residents suffer from disabilities that make it difficult, if not impossible, to remain steadily employed. If you or your loved one have a medical condition or disability that prevents you from working, you may be entitled to benefits from the Social Security Administration. The Social Security Administration offers two different disability benefits: Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI).  



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The sooner you speak with an experienced Oakland SSDI lawyer, the better. At Disability Advocates Group, we focus our entire law firm on helping clients obtain SSI and SSDI benefits. Our legal team has an in-depth knowledge of all of the regulations related to Social Security benefits. We use our knowledge and our legal skills to guide our clients through the process of applying for benefits. We understand that applying for Social Security benefits can seem overwhelming and complicated, and that’s why we help you gather all the information you need and submit an accurate and thorough application on your behalf.

The Difference Between SSDI and SSI Benefits

SSDI and SSI benefits are both benefits issued by the Social Security Administration for those with disabilities. However, the eligibility requirements are different for each of these benefit programs. SSI benefits are need-based and only available for children and adults who are blind, deaf, or have another qualifying disability as well as limited resources and income. Applicants who have never worked, or have not worked for long, can still obtain SSI benefits. 

On the other hand, SSDI benefits are not means-tested, or only eligible to applicants whose income level is below a specific limit. Instead, anyone with an eligible disability who has contributed enough to the Social Security system by working in qualifying jobs can obtain SSDI benefits. You will need to show that you have enough work credits to be eligible for SSDI benefits by submitting a detailed and complete work history. You will also need to show that your medical disability resulted in your inability to perform any type of substantial gainful activity (SGA). You will also need to provide evidence that a doctor expects your medical condition to last for at least one year or to end in your death. You don’t have to show that you are permanently disabled to qualify for SSDI benefits.

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Qualifying for SSDI Benefits in Oakland

Before you submit your SSDI application to one of the Oakland Social Security Offices, you will need to gather evidence that you have a physical or mental disability. Part of the application process includes undergoing a thorough medical examination by a doctor. It’s also essential to include medical records that demonstrate how long you’ve had your condition and how it affects your ability to work. 

At Disability Advocates Group, we have helped many people throughout the Oakland area obtain the SSDI and SSI benefits to which they are entitled. We’ve established a successful track record for helping clients just like you. Our skilled legal team focuses on communicating with our clients. We will discuss your needs and all of the factors that affect your case to better advocate for you. Our clients often feel a sense of relief when we take over their cases, knowing that we will handle every aspect of their case and ensure that they submit a complete and detailed application.

Appealing the Denial of Your SSDI Claim

The Social Security Administration rejects most first-time SSDI and SSI applications. You mustn’t let your application’s rejection prevent you from advocating for the benefits you need and deserve. It’s wise to contact an SSDI lawyer as soon as possible after you receive the letter explaining why your claim was denied. You will need to submit a request for a reconsideration of your case within 60 days of the date you received your letter or you will lose your ability to appeal the decision. 

If the Social Security Administration denies your claim again, you can submit an administrative appeal. You will present your case at a formal hearing in front of an administrative law judge (ALJ) who will decide your case. At Disability Advocates Group, we have extensive experience representing clients at SSDI hearings. Throughout the entire process, we will guide you, present evidence in your favor, and question the vocational expert who testifies at the hearing.

Why You Need an Oakland SSDI or SSI Lawyer

The process of applying for SSDI and SSI benefits is difficult and complex, but you do not have to go through the process alone. At Disability Advocates Group, we advocate for our clients from day one. We will consult with you and discuss your medical history, past work experience, education, and your attempts to work. We will also develop a deep understanding of how the symptoms and side effects of your disability affect your ability to work. We will complete your application for you, giving you the best chance to qualify for SSDI or SSI benefits. Contact our law firm today to schedule your initial consultation.