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Bakersfield is a highly populated city located in the Central Valley region near the San Joaquin Valley. As of 2019, Bakersfield has a population of 384,145. Bakersfield is landlocked, and many Bakersfield residents work in the surrounding areas of East Bakersfield, Rosedale, and Oildale. Bakersfield also boasts a strong cultural heritage, with many historic Basque restaurants. Visitors to Bakersfield can enjoy the Kern County Museum and the Buena Vista Museum of Natural History. 

Bakersfield has a long history as an agricultural region. Kern County, California, is currently the most producing oil-producing county in the United States and the fourth-most productive agricultural county in the United States. Other Bakersfield industries include natural gas extraction, petroleum refining, food processing, mining, and corporate offices. Bakersfield is also the home of Bakersfield College, California State University Bakersfield, and Fresno Pacific University – Bakersfield Campus.

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Do You Have a Disability and Need Help with Social Security Benefits in Bakersfield? We Can Help

Do you or your loved one have a disability in Bakersfield? If so, Disability Advocates Group can help. Every year, thousands of Bakersfield residents suffer injuries from an accident or become diagnosed with a medical condition that makes them unable to continue working. If you are unable to work because of a disability, you may qualify for monthly disability benefits provided by the Social Security Administration (SSA). The SSA provides two types of disability benefits, Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

The sooner you speak with an experienced Bakersfield SSDI or SSI lawyer, the better. Applying for SSDI or SSI benefits is a complex and challenging process. If you make one mistake on your application, an SSI claims processor will deny your claim, and you’ll need to appeal. At Disability Advocates Group, we know what it takes for the SSA to approve an application. We will help guide you through your comprehensive medical evaluation and help you gather all of the information you need to submit a thorough and accurate application.

The Difference Between SSDI and SSI Benefits

The first step in applying for Social Security benefits is to determine your eligibility for benefits. Our legal team will evaluate your case and guide you through the process. SSDI benefits are only available for individuals who have a serious disability that prevents them from working. You’ll need to prove the seriousness of your disability, and you’ll need enough work credits as a result of paying into the Social Security System.

Aide walks down the street with person using walker

SSI benefits are available to children and adults with qualifying disabilities who have limited resources and income. We recommend beginning the process of applying for benefits as soon as possible.

If you are applying for Social Security Disability benefits due to a disability, the SSA will determine whether your disability qualifies for benefits. Qualifying disabilities include ones that meet the following qualifications:

  • The disability results in the inability to perform any substantial gainful activity, and
  • Can be expected to result in death, or
  • Has lasted or can be expected to last for a continuous period of not less than 12 months

Qualifying for Social Security Disability Insurance in Bakersfield

Proving that you qualify for SSDI benefits is often the hardest part of applying for benefits. If you don’t meet the SSDI criteria for SSDI benefits, the SSA claims adjusters will not approve your application, and you’ll need to appeal the decision. When the SSA reviews your application, they will consider the severity of your medical condition.

If your medical condition is listed in the SSDI manual, called the Blue Book, then you will qualify. However, you can still qualify for SSDI benefits even if your condition isn’t specifically listed in the Blue Book. At Disability Advocates Group, we know how to gather evidence to prove that our clients’ conditions are severe enough to meet the criteria for SSDI. Part of that process involves gathering evidence related to the severity of the patient’s condition from experts, including medical doctors.

Claims evaluators will also look into whether or not you are currently working. After reviewing your work history, they will decide whether you can do the work you did before you became disabled. They will also consider whether there is any other type of work for which you’re still qualified and that you can do with your disability.

Appealing an SSDI or SSI Denial in Bakersfield

The SSA denies most first-time SSDI and SSI applications. If you’ve received a notice that the SSA has denied your claim, the best thing you can do is reach out to an experienced lawyer. You only have 60 days from the date you received notice of the denial to request a reconsideration. If you fail to request reconsideration in time, you will lose the opportunity to appeal the SSA’s decision.

We have helped many clients successfully appeal the denial of their claims. Our team will advocate for you during the appeal hearing. We will help you prepare to answer questions asked by the administrative law judge presiding over your case. We will also present evidence that shows the severity of your disability and your inability to work.

Disability attorney discussing benefits with client

The Sooner You Speak with a Lawyer, the Better

When the SSA grants an application, the applicant will receive benefits from the day that he or she applied for SSI benefits. The application process can be confusing, and it is beneficial to speak to an attorney before submitting your application. We can review your case and ensure that you’ve provided all the necessary documentation and information.

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If you or a loved one are disabled and unable to work in Bakersfield, Disability Advocates Group can help. Contact our experienced Bakersfield SSDI and SSI lawyers as soon as possible to learn how we can effectively advocate on your behalf throughout the process.

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