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Disability Advocates Group is dedicated to helping disabled individuals throughout California get the benefits they need and deserve. If you or a loved one cannot work because of a medical condition, you may have many questions: How will I support myself and my family? Where can I find the medical care that I need? Am I eligible for disability benefits?

Our experienced disability attorneys will address your concerns by providing you with informed representation and caring personal service. When you become our client, we will fight to win you the benefits you need and deserve.

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What types of disability benefits are available?

The Social Security Administration (SSA) oversees two disability programs: Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSI)

To be eligible, you must have paid into the Social Security system through income tax deductions. In addition, you must have acquired enough work credits. Generally, the older you are, the more work credits you will need. Disability benefits under this program are available regardless of your financial resources, however.

Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

As the name implies, this program provides supplemental income exclusively to those who are disabled, blind or over the age of 65. Unlike SSDI, there is no requirement to have paid into the Social Security system. In order to get these benefits, you must meet the financial requirements. These benefits are “means tested,” however, which means you must have limited financial resources to receive them.

At Disability Advocates Group, we can determine whether you meet the requirements for SSDI or SSI and will help you navigate the entire process, from submitting the initial claim, to filing an appeal, to representing you at a disability hearing or in federal court. We truly understand the medical and financial challenges you face and will stand by you every step of the way.

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How do I know if my medical condition qualifies for disability benefits?

To qualify for SSDI or SSI, you must have a permanent medical condition. This means that you must have a medical condition that will last for at least 12 months. In addition, the SSA maintains a list of qualifying medical conditions known as the Blue Book.

The process for obtaining disability can be difficult. The application process is complicated and confusing, especially when someone is managing the challenges of being disabled. In fact, the majority of initial claims are denied, sometimes for technical reasons such as mistakes or omissions in the application, not having enough work credits or not meeting the means test.

At Disability Advocates Group, we have a comprehensive understanding of the eligibility requirements for disability benefits and a well-earned reputation as dedicated defenders of the disabled. We know that dealing with the federal bureaucracy is daunting and will guide you through the process. When you work with us, you will have peace of mind, knowing that our winning legal team is in your corner.

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How do I apply for
disability benefits?

To obtain Social Security disability benefits, you must submit an application with a local SSA field office, by mail, online, or in person. The application is very detailed and consists of a number of questionnaires about your medical condition, work history, and financial resources. In addition, the application must include medical information that supports your claim, including:

Doctors’ reports
An exam history
Treatment notes
Lab tests & radiological exams
Other medical information that confirms the diagnosis & prognosis of your condition

What happens if my
disability benefits claim is denied?

Given the fact that nearly two-thirds of initial claims are denied, your application for disability benefits may also be denied. Don’t give up hope because you have a right to appeal the decision. Disability Advocates Group has extensive experience with all phases of the appeals process and regularly represents clients in disability hearings.

While appealing a disability claim can be a lengthy and frustrating affair, having proper legal representation increases the likelihood of your claim being approved. At Disability Advocates Group, we are determined to help you obtain vital financial resources.

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At Disability Advocates Group, our practice is focused solely on representing disabled individuals and their families. We know the ins and outs of the Social Security system and have a proven history of helping our clients throughout Los Angeles, Encino, Ventura County, Barbara County, and the greater Southern California area obtain the disability benefits they deserve. If you are battling a disabling medical condition, you may feel frightened and alone. Remember, we are here to help. When you consult us, you will not pay any attorneys’ fees until we win disability benefits for you. Please contact our office today for a free evaluation of your case.