Best Team

I am very grateful with the positive results regarding my case, “DAG” from Encino California. The staff involving Rosa Anzures-Case Manager, also Mark Shirman-Supervisor, and Michelle Jordana Shvarts-Attorney, whom are very instrumental as a team. All my inquiries were handled on a timely manner, and all my questions were addressed professionally. Especially during a time when I was stressful and overwhelmed. I highly recommend “DAG” for your services.

On Top Of it

Everyone I came into contact with at DAG was extremely knowledgeable. They walked me through the entire process – always with great professionalism and efficiency. I also felt that they stayed on top of my case and were always doing everything they could to move it forward. I mainly dealt with Rosa. I was always impressed with how well she did her job. She was also very friendly and compassionate every time we spoke. She returned all of my phone calls and E-Mails the same day, usually within just a couple hours. She was always happy to answer any questions I had. I am very glad I chose DAG!

Best Interest at Heart

Of course going through the process of filling for disability and dealing with social security, medical records and such is nothing but stressful and confusing. Every time I had a question or problem someone answered my call and was there to help me. I truly felt that Disabilty Advocates Group had my best interest at heart and I appreciate all their hard work. They helped me win my case. A special thanks to Rosa, Claire and Michelle!

Took Care of Me

I was really lost. Feeling defeated every second. Then i took that step and talked to a real person. Someone who took interest in what I feel and what I want. I feel taken care of.

Helpful throughout the process

I needed assistance from an attorney for my disability claim, and this firm was the one who got the job done for me. My attorney Michelle, staff Clair & Rosa made it easy to understand the process and helped me complete all the necessary paper work. Best of all, they dealt with all the Social Security calls so I didn’t have to! That was such a relief 🙂 DAG gathered all my medical records (at no cost to me) and when Michelle and I went before the judge, I won my case! I would definitely recommend Michelle and her team to anyone wanting to win their Disability Case.

Make DAG your 1st Choice

The best group to handle your case. They helped me win. I should have come to them 1st.

Best Decision

Great. Was the best decision I ever made.

Thanks for the Win

I am so pleased with the professionalism of this office. I tried another law firm and they were extremely rude. A family member recommended I give you a call and I’m glad I did. Rosa, Clair and Michelle personally helped me through the process of applying for my disability claim, and ultimately we won my case at the hearing level. Thanks DAG!

You’re the Best

Disability Advocates Group helped me through the whole process of reconsideration and after years of denials, finally I have been approved. For many years I was treated like a liar in my disability hearings and many lawyers who never cared until I called this office. Thanks to Rosa Anzures for all you did for me in helping me get approved!!! You’re the best!! Woo Hoo!!!

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