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Disability Advocates Group has had the honor of helping residents of San Bernardino receive their Social Security Disability benefits for many years.  We are proud to have earned the trust and business of so many members of this thriving community.  San Bernardino County is one of the largest counties in the United States by area and has over 2 million residents, approximately 9% of whom are disabled.  

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Preparing to Apply for Social Security Disability Benefits in San Bernardino

Many different types of disabilities can qualify individuals for social security disability benefits. These include both physical and mental disabilities caused by various medical conditions. The key to a successful social security disability case is receiving appropriate medical care for your condition and providing records of that care. Fortunately, San Bernardino offers a variety of healthcare facilities that provide excellent medical and mental health services.

Man filling out a social security disability benefits form.

Applying for Disability Benefits in San Bernardino

The process of applying for disability benefits begins with initial applications.  These applications can be completed online. The team at DAG is always happy to help with the SSDI application process and answer any questions.  Feel free to call us.  Assistance with applications, additional forms, and other social security disability-related services are also provided at the San Bernardino Social Security office.  The office is located at:
605 N Arrowhead Ave #101
San Bernardino, CA 92401

Social Security Disability Hearings in San Bernardino

Once an application is received by the Social Security Administration, it needs to be processed, and a hearing date needs to be determined. The hearing is an opportunity for an administrative law judge (ALJ) to review your application and your medical records as well as to ask you questions about your case. Medical experts may also be present at the hearing to discuss your medical condition and provide their opinion about the extent of your disability.

The hearing is your opportunity to clearly and convincingly explain why you need social security disability benefits. Successfully presenting a case for disability benefits can often be quite complicated, requiring an understanding of both the medical condition in question and the legal requirements that determine whether the condition qualifies you for SSDI.

Having a knowledgeable, experienced disability attorney by your side at a hearing can be the key to a successful outcome. In San Bernardino, the waiting period from the time you submit your application to the date of your SSDI hearing averages around 14 months. SSDI hearings at the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR). The San Bernardino ODAR is located at:
Suite 200
605 North Arrowhead Avenue
San Bernardino, CA 92401

Worker in a wheelchair receiving disability.

Waiting for a Decision on Your SSDI or SSI Claim

During the hearing, the official outcome of your case is not formally announced at the time of your hearing. Instead, the administrative law judge takes some time to review the discussions that occurred at your hearing as well as your records. The decision of the judge is later provided to you via mail. In San Bernardino, the average time from application to decision is approximately 461 days. Of course, not all applicants receive social security disability benefits.

In San Bernardino, approximately 47% of hearings result in approval of SSDI benefits for applicants. That means that more than half of the applicants are rejected and then need to submit an appeal to be reconsidered for benefits. For many applicants, the difference between being approved or rejected for benefits during an SSDI hearing is having an experienced disability attorney by their side.

San Bernardino SSDI or SSI Appeals Lawyer

What happens if the Social Security Administration denies your SSDI or SSI claim? You should speak with an experienced SSDI and SSI appeal lawyer as soon as possible. Unfortunately, many people make the mistake of giving up hope on receiving the benefits they need. Others attempt to start a new SSDI or SSI application all over again. The SSA denies many initial applications for benefits and assumes that most applicants will file an appeal. Additionally, the SSA will not grant another new application when they recently denied your first application.

Instead, you will need to appeal the denial of your benefits. The first step in the appeals process is to file a request for reconsideration. After you submit your request, a new SSA representative will review your paperwork. You will be able to add any different or new information that might help you qualify for SSDI or SSI benefits.

Why You Need an Experienced
San Bernardino SSDI or SSI Lawyer

Navigating the SSA benefits process can be intimidating and overwhelming. The SSA denies many first-time applications for SSDI and SSI benefits. When you hire the legal team at the Disability Advocates Group, you can rest assured that we are working hard on your behalf. We understand what it takes to submit a successful application and to succeed on appeal. Contact our San Bernardino SSDI and SSI lawyer today to schedule your free initial consultation.