Encino is a Los Angeles-area neighborhood. Located in the central portion of the southern San Fernando Valley, Encino is surrounded by Brentwood, Sherman Oaks, Sepulveda Basin, Reseda, and Lake Balboa. Every year, Encino residents develop medical conditions or experience injuries, causing them to become disabled and unable to work. 

If you or your loved one is an Encino resident who cannot work because of a disability, you may be entitled to monthly benefits from the Social Security Administration. The eligibility requirements are different, however. If you cannot work due to a disability or medical condition, the Encino attorneys at Disability Advocates Group are here to help you. Contact Disability Advocates Group to schedule a free case evaluation.

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The Difference Between SSDI and SSI

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) are the two different benefit plans for disabled Encino residents. However, the eligibility requirements are different for these benefits programs. The main difference between SSDI and SSI benefits involves the applicant’s history of working and paying into the Social Security system. SSDI benefits are only available to workers who have accumulated enough work credits.

SSI benefits are only available to low-income applicants who have never worked or who have yet to work enough to earn enough work credits to qualify for SSDI benefits. Medical eligibility for disability benefits is determined in the same manner for both of these programs. SSI benefits are granted strictly on needs-based criteria according to a person’s income and assets. To qualify for SSI benefits, the applicant must have less than $2,000 in assets for individuals or $3,000 for a married couple and a minimal income.

If you are unsure whether you are eligible for SSDI or SSI benefits, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with Disability Advocates Group. After reviewing your case, we can help you understand your options. If you are eligible for benefits, we will help you submit a thorough, complete application for benefits.


Woman completing SSDI application

How to Apply for SSDI Benefits in Encino

You must meet several requirements to apply for SSDI benefits successfully. You’ll need to provide documentation that you have a medical disability expected to last over 12 months or result in debt. Social Security Administration claims examiners use a book of regulations called the Blue Book. The Blue Book contains numerous qualifying medical conditions categorized by different bodily systems.

When an applicant’s medical condition is specifically listed in the Blue Book, the applicant can receive benefits. Even if your medical condition isn’t listed in the Blue Book, you may still qualify for benefits. However, you must show that your condition is as serious and limiting as similar conditions listed in the Blue Book.


Documenting the Severity of Your Medical Condition or Disability 

Additionally, applicants need to show that their medical condition or disability prevents them from working at their current or another similar job. Administrative judges will listen to testimony from vocational experts about whether the applicant can work in another career field. Finally, only SSDI applicants who have worked long enough to obtain the qualifying number of work credits can obtain benefits. Employees obtain work credits when they pay into the social security system as employees.

The Social Security attorneys at Disability Advocates Group will work with you to help you submit a comprehensive, accurate application. Many first-time Social Security benefits applications are denied because they need more information. We can work with you to gather medical proof demonstrating that your medical condition or disability is serious enough to prevent you from working. We can also ensure that your application includes sufficient work and employment history details.


Applying for SSI Benefits in Encino

SSI benefits have different eligibility requirements than SSDI benefits. To qualify for SSI benefits, you must provide evidence that your income is below a specific level. Most people do not qualify for SSI benefits because their income is too high or they own too many assets. Additionally, applicants must prove they are totally or partially blind, age 65 or older, or have a qualifying medical condition.

If you are eligible because you have a qualifying medical condition, your condition must meet the federal definition of a disability. We can help you provide medical documentation showing that your condition is expected to last at least a year or result in death. If you are eligible for SSI benefits in California, you will also be eligible for additional supplemental income through the state.

Disability Advocates Group have helped many Encino residents successfully apply for and obtain the SSI benefits they need and deserve. After evaluating your situation, we can help you complete and finish your application for benefits.


Appealing a Social Security Disability Claims Denial

If you receive a notice letter stating that your application for SSDI or SSI benefits has been denied, you are not alone. The majority of first-time applications for benefits are denied. The steps you take after receiving a notice letter are crucial. Most applications are denied due to missing details, errors, and medical documentation about the applicant’s medical condition.

You only have 60 days after you receive the notice letter to request an appeal. You must submit your request within that time frame to maintain your ability to obtain SSDI or SSI benefits. Disability Advocates Group can help you ask for a reconsideration of your claim. If your request for reconsideration is denied, we can help you continue the appeals process. During the Appeals process, you may be required to attend a hearing before an administrative law judge. Our attorneys can question vocational experts and advocate for your right to benefits.

Contact an Encino Social Security Disability Attorney

If you or your loved one has a disability or medical condition that prevents you from working, the attorneys at Disability Advocates Group are here to help. We will answer any questions that you have and help you throughout the entire process of applying for SSDI or SSI benefits. Don’t hesitate to contact the Encino Social Security disability attorneys at Disability Advocates Group to schedule a complimentary, no-obligation case evaluation.

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