What Kinds of Letters Help a Disability Case at a Hearing?

If your claim for Social Security Disability benefits is denied both initially and after a Request for Reconsideration, you have the opportunity to appeal your benefits denial at a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ). You should be represented by an experienced disability benefits lawyer in Los Angeles who can help you to prepare for this hearing and present the types of evidence likely to convince the ALJ to find for you. 

One type of evidence that is often presented at a hearing is letters from witnesses who can shed light on your disabling condition. Letters can help to bolster your case in the right circumstances, but you need to know what types of letters can be helpful in convincing the ALJ that your claim for Social Security Disability benefits should not have been denied. 

What Types of Letters Can Help Your Case at a Social Security Disability Appeals Hearing?

In general, the letters that are going to have the most impact as far as helping you to make a convincing case at a Social Security disability appeals hearing include letters from employers and letters from caregivers. Employers can attest to the reasons why you are not able to do your job because of your disabling condition.  Caregivers can provide insight into the ways in which your disabling condition interferes with your ability to do routine life activities.

Letters from family and friends, on the other hand, tend to be less helpful in a Social Security Disability appeals hearing. Your family and friends do not have the qualifications or expertise to explain why your condition impacts your working ability and daily life.

A Los Angeles Social Security Disability benefits lawyer can provide help in obtaining convincing letters that will help you and can assist you in taking all of the necessary steps to put together the strongest possible case to present at a disability appeals hearing. Contact a lawyer as soon as you decide to appeal.