Experiencing frequent hallucinations can be a frightening, debilitating, and devastating experience. There are multiple causes for hallucinations, including medication, illnesses, and mental health challenges. If you or a loved one suffer from hallucinations, you may be entitled to monthly Social Security disability benefits. Qualifying for benefits due to hallucinations can be challenging. 

Working with an experienced attorney can increase your likelihood of successfully obtaining Social Security Disability benefits. Navigating the application process can be challenging. The attorneys at Disability Advocates Group can help you gather the documentation and evidence you need and submit a thorough and accurate application. If the Social Security Administration denies your claim for benefits based on hallucinations, we can help you file a timely appeal. Contact Disability Advocates Group today to schedule a free case evaluation.

What Are Hallucinations?

Hallucinations occur when a person sees or hears things that aren’t present. There are five different types of hallucinations: auditory, visual, olfactory, tactile, and gustatory. Visual hallucinations are the most familiar to most people, and they involve seeing things that are not there. For example, a person may see another person who has passed away or see a dangerous shooter trying to attack them who isn’t there. Regardless of the cause and type of hallucinations, they can disrupt a person’s life and ability to sustain meaningful employment. 

Am I Eligible for Social Security Benefits for Hallucinations?

Schizophrenia is one of the most common underlying conditions that cause hallucinations. If you have not been diagnosed with schizophrenia, but it is possible that the condition is causing your hallucinations, a thorough medical consultation is essential. If you have been diagnosed with schizophrenia, you must show that you meet the additional requirements outlined in the Blue Book under that particular listing. Specifically, you will need to show that you have been suffering from the condition for more than 12 months or expect to suffer for more than 12 months. You must also show that the condition limits you from engaging in meaningful work. 

Underlying Causes of Hallucinations in the Blue Book

To qualify for Social Security Disability benefits, you must show that you are suffering from a condition listed in the Social Security administration’s Blue Book. Conditions listed in the Blue Book are limiting to such an extent that they hinder people from engaging in gainful employment. You will need to show that you suffer from severe hallucinations or a medical or mental health condition that results in severe hallucinations.

You must have been diagnosed with a medical condition listed in the Blue Book to qualify for benefits. Additionally, your diagnosis needs to meet all of the eligibility criteria provided with the specific Blue Book listing. Hallucinations do not have a unique listing in the Blue Book. Still, common underlying causes of the symptoms of hallucinations are listed in the Blue Book, including schizophrenia, Parkinson’s disease, dementia, and Alzheimer’s disease. 

Obtaining Benefits When You Don’t Meet the Blue Book Criteria

What happens if you cannot prove that your condition has been listed in the Blue Book? You may still be eligible for benefits if you prove that your unique symptoms prevent you from having enough capacity to engage in meaningful or income-generating activities. Applicants can prove that they are entitled to benefits through a residual functioning capacity assessment. This test will assess the amount of functionality a person has remaining while living with hallucinations. 

If you show that you have very little functionality through this assessment, you may still qualify for benefits. Many people who are eventually approved for benefits due to hallucinations do not do so based on a specific listing in the Blue Book. The criteria for Blue Book listings related to hallucinations are challenging to meet. If you haven’t been diagnosed with schizophrenia or another underlying cause of hallucinations, you may still qualify for benefits. It’s important that you talk to an attorney as soon as possible. 

The Benefits of Working with an Attorney

Working with an attorney is always helpful when pursuing Social Security benefits. However, it’s even more critical if you are applying for benefits based on mental health challenges. For example, applicants with medical conditions such as cancer can show their cancer through diagnostic tests such as X-rays and MRIs. When it comes to hallucinations, an important part of the diagnostic process involves the applicant’s testimony about his or her experiences. 

Providing Evidence of How Your Hallucinations Affect You

You will need to provide evidence for the claims examiner evaluating your case that your hallucinations are serious enough to stop you from being able to work and provide for yourself. An attorney can help you gather evidence through medical records, laboratory and test results, and treatment histories. Your attorney can also help you work with your doctor, who can write a report detailing how your hallucinations negatively affect your day-to-day life. At Disability Advocates Group, we can help you:

  • Provide evidence that your medical condition is indeed genuine
  • Prove that you need disability benefits through medical records and other evidence
  • Help you file a request for reconsideration if your claim is denied
  • Ensure that you meet all of the statutory deadlines in your case

Advocating for You Throughout the Entire Process

The attorneys at Disability Advocates Group will review the medical evidence in your case to determine the underlying cause of your hallucinations. If your condition is listed in the Blue Book, we will begin collecting evidence showing that you meet the criteria. If you do not have a condition listed in the Blue Book, we will help you pursue benefits through other means, such as pursuing a residual functional capacity examination with your doctor.

Discuss Your Case with an Experienced Social Security Disability Attorney

If you are experiencing hallucinations that are interfering with your ability to work, speaking to an attorney can help you understand your options. You may be eligible to apply for monthly disability benefits that can help you make ends meet. Proving that your condition qualifies for benefits isn’t easy, and the attorneys at Disability Advocates Group are here to help you. Contact Disability Advocates Group today to learn more about your legal rights and whether you are eligible for benefits with a free, no-obligation consultation.