What Automatically Qualifies You for SSDI Benefits?

By Michelle Shvarts
Principal Attorney

The application process for Social Security disability benefits can be daunting. The truth is, it really can be challenging. Extensive documentation will be necessary. You will not only need a substantial amount of documentation but a substantial amount of the right kind of documentation. There are, however, instances where an SSDI benefit applicant may automatically qualify for benefits. We will go into more detail here.

What Automatically Qualifies You for SSDI Benefits?

To be clear, there are no conditions that will automatically qualify you for SSDI benefits in the sense that you will avoid the application process or the need to provide rather extensive paperwork to support your application. There are, however, medical conditions that will qualify you for disability benefits if you have a confirmed diagnosis of a specified condition. In some cases, your application may even be fast-tracked for approval.

The compassionate allowance program provides a way for the SSA to more quickly identify disability and other serious illnesses that would qualify for Social Security disability benefits. When someone refers to a condition that automatically qualifies for these benefits, he or she will usually be referring to the list of conditions that qualify for the compassionate allowances program.

To see if you may potentially qualify for participation in the SSA’s compassionate allowance program, the fastest way to do so is usually to review the compassionate allowances list. Is your condition on the list? With proof of your confirmed diagnosis, you may have your application expedited for review. Upon submitting your application, along with supporting documentation and the relevant test results demonstrating your qualifying disorder or illness, your application will be fast-tracked for review and processing.

There are over 200 conditions and illnesses that will automatically qualify a person for Social Security disability benefits if they can provide the necessary proof of such condition or illness. These conditions include: advanced stages of cancer, ALS, and Parkinson’s, among others. Expedited attention of your application can be a huge benefit as you may receive a decision on your application within just one month of applying. While, in the strictest sense, this is not an automatic approval, it is at least one of the fastest ways to approval that you can gain access to when applying for Social Security disability benefits.

Know, however, that you if you have a disabling condition that is not necessary deemed “automatic,” it does not mean that you should not try to apply for benefits. There are a wide range of disabling conditions that are not considered as automatically qualifying for Social Security benefits. While the process may be a bit more complicated, it can still lead to you being approved for much needed benefits.

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Ms. Shvarts is the managing attorney for Disability Advocates Group. She opened Disability Advocates Group to assist individuals who became disabled and unable to work to obtain the benefits they need and deserve.  Ms. Shvarts and the rest of the team at Disability Advocates Group are dedicated to assisting individuals obtain Social Security Disability Benefits (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits.