What Questions Will Be Asked in Your Social Security Disability Interview?

By Michelle Shvarts
Principal Attorney

Do you have a disabling injury, illness, or condition? If so, you may have felt, and even been surprised by, the quick financial pressure that can come with it. With a condition that prevents you from retaining gainful employment, bills can quickly pile up to oppressive, seemingly insurmountable heights. To help alleviate some of the financial burden individuals with disabilities can face, the Social Security Administration offers disability benefits to qualifying individuals.

The disability benefits application process can be difficult to navigate, but necessary to go through in order to obtain what can often be critical benefits. You can apply via the phone, by mail, online, or in person. Part of the application process will be an interview conducted by a staff member at your local SSA office. The interview may occur over the phone or in person. Keeping this appointment can be key in effectively moving along your disability claim and avoiding any undue delays. You should also be prepared for your interview to help ensure your successful navigation and completion of the disability claims process. Here, to help you prepare for your Social Security disability interview, we will go over some of the questions you can expect to face at your interview.

What Questions Will Be Asked in Your Social Security Disability Interview?

With your disabling condition being a focal point of your application for disability benefits, you can, of course, expect to face a number of questions relating to your disabling injury, illness, or condition. For instance, the interviewer will likely ask about when your condition turned into a disabling condition and what the contact information for your treating physicians is as well as what prescriptions you are currently taking and what medical tests you have undergone regarding your disabling condition. In addition to being prepared to answer these questions, you should also consider bringing the related medical documentation to your interview. Your interviewer may want to review them.

Another big part of the application for disability benefits process is establishing the fact that your disabling condition prevents you from engaging in substantially gainful activity. This includes being able to support the assertion that you cannot engage in jobs you previously held in the past. Because of this, your employment history will another central role in the interview process. The interviewer is likely to ask about the dates you last worked as well as your employment history for the past 15 years. Relevant information regarding your employment history will include the job titles you held as well as the types of businesses you worked for and the days and hours you worked. You will also likely be questioned about how much you were paid and how often you received payment.

Finances can also play a big part in your Social Security disability benefits interview. This is especially true if you are applying for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) disability benefits. This is because SSI benefits are intended for low-income individuals who may not have paid enough in the way of Social Security taxes to be covered otherwise. Financial questions in your interview may include your living situation. The interviewer may ask about who lives with you, your current living arrangement, and your household expenses. Additionally, you will likely be asked about any sources of income you may have as well as your marital status, bank account balances, and any investments you may have.

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